Save graph vs saving

Hello guys,

What is the different between the "saving" options at the end of the command and the new command save graph filename?

I have a do file with a serious of command including charts. When I use the command below and run the file multiple times I got the following error message. "file Officer_HireT_Hist.gph already exists"
histogram UOF_NO_RC_15, freq saving(UOF15)

1. Can we add the replace option?
2. Is there a way to set the folder we want to save the graph (in the same line of command)

3. If I use save graph graphname option after my histogram command. Can I specify the folder in the same line?

save graph graphname "folder" (something like this)

Thank you,
I would probably do something like this:

histogram UOF_NO_RC_15, freq
graph save file Officer_HireT_Hist.gph "C:\Users\admin\Dropbox\testfolder", replace