Scaling technique

A friend of mine, a Ph.D. student, seeks my advice on the appropriate scaling technique that can be used for his research.

The research involves determination of the most important factors for the success of hospitals (200 hospital heads); he identified about 50 factors. Now his job is to rank them based on the scores he gets on each factor. For this, he will go for Regression Analysis. His another research task is to divide all the factors into some groups. He says he will use factor analysis for that.

He made a questionnaire with which he takes the respondent's scores on each of the 50-odd items.

Now the question is which scale should be use- scale 11-1 or 10-1, 7-1. I first gave 10-1. But he opines that there is no clear midpoint for that. Then I gave 7-1. Still, he and I are not sure about. It is important to note that negative scores or negative labels (Completely Disagree etc.) are not necessary in this research.

Does you anyone of you justify my suggestion of 7-1 or 10-1 scale?