Selecting cases for descriptive statistics

Hi All

I've got a data set from a regional competition, where students of different age groups and different schools have submitted entries. Some schools have entered students in each age group, others in one or two age groups. The region has been further sub-divided into divisions.

I've been asked how many schools have submitted entries for each year level in each division. Each entry is a single case and each school and division has its own unique code.

Using descriptive statistics I've been able to count the number of students in each age group by division but I'm not sure how to deal with the school variable without counting the number of students in each age group at each school. Can I filter or select certain cases do this type of count? Or what approach would you take to solve this?

You want crosstabs. School variable goes in rows, level goes in columns, and division goes in layer. Or some variation thereon -- you can mix them up.