Sending references and transcripts along with resume and cover letter?

I have master degrees in applied math and statistics, and am looking for jobs in statistics and biostatistics. I am reading, which says:

In either your cover letter or C.V., list
the names of your references, giving their
addresses, phone numbers, and email
addresses, assuming they have agreed to
this. I also advise having letters of recom-
mendation sent immediately, rather than
waiting for the search committee to request

The same can be said of sending aca-
demic transcripts.
I was wondering if the two practices are indeed helpful?

I haven't figured out who will be willing to serve as my references. Nor have I contacted any professor yet. I am actually a phd student failing my qualify exam and have to leave the program. So I am not sure how much support I will receive from my professors.

Also how about sending transcripts along with resumes? Now I only have unofficial ones, and do employers like to have transcripts and even official ones?

Thanks for your advice!