Separate Error Bars in SigmaPlot12


New Member
I'm having an issue inserting asymmetric error bars into a grouped bar graph on SigmaPlot version 12. The SEM is already calculated for each "bar" on the graph and I have a column with the SEMs right next to the column with the means. The information I found for creating asymmetric error bars (the quick transform method, using the Shift + F10 command) just created a third, unnecessary column. The only other information I could find was on creating symmetric standard error bars, which I don't want. I attempted to mess around on my own, but everything I tried either left me with symmetric error bars or something completely off (once I ended up with the SEM equal to the mean).

If anyone knows how to add pre-calculated, asymmetric, standard error bars to a vertical bar graph in SigmaPlot version 12, I would very much appreciate some guidance. Thank you.