Fortran must die
I am running PROC SGPLOT and getting the error

ERROR: Procedure SQPLOT not found

Which usually means you don't have that product. But the documentation suggests that it requires SAS Graph and Stats and I have both (and base etc). Although this is not supposed to matter I enabled ODS graphics to see if that is the problem. It did not matter.

This is the code I ran [although this error means it is unlikely to be a coding error unless I mispelled the proc which I apparently did not]

Proc sqplot data=osn; /*where the data for the distributions is */
Density samplemean / type=kernel legendlabel = “Mean”;
Density samplemedian / type = kernel legendlabel =”Median”;
Refline 0 / axis =x;

OSN has a number of sampling distributions from randomly generated data. I can send it if that helps, but I don't this is the issue.


Fortran must die
lol I am an idiot. Worse I sent this to SAS figuring it was a product problem lol. I swear I checked the spelling over and over again.

Thanks dason. Death to raptors other than eagles. I don't want to to jail ...


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Yeah, good thing you cut-n-pasted the error message instead of retyping it. Have a nice weekend.