Should I use a two sample or paired t.test?

I´ve just wanted to post one simple question.
I am comparing the removed area through endonasal approach in left or right side. It means, the question to answer whether the removed area depends on the side.
So, I have 15 studied cases with 15 measurements for left side and 15 measurements for the right side.
Do I have to apply a two sample test or paired test to determine whether it is any significant difference in the removed area between right or left side
Thank you very much in advance.


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What would you pair? I interpreted your description, which was totally lacking any needed detail, as size of removal based on side of entry? Is that correct?

What is your sample size, how is the variable size formatted, how entry side selected?
Thank your for your quick answer,
the pair to compare is distance between point A and point B in the left and right side for each patient. The size is 15 studied cases (15 left and 15 right).

Thanks again.