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I am creating dot plot/ping pong plots in Sigma Plot v. 12.0. for a specific parameter for 2 studies. I want to connect each observation in each study with the corresponding observation in another study. I used vertical dot plots and simple/multiple scatter plots and added regression line (one for each curve and all data points), but it gives me a single line connecting the 2 studies and not multiple lines for each observation.

Is there a way to so this in Sigma Plot v.12.0?

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Based on my very short relationship with sigma plot, I would suggest that the short answer is yes, you probably can do it. However, as i recall Sigma Plot can be rather annoying and the menus can be non-intuitive. My suggestion would be to check out SP forums. You may not get an answer here because many of us use R as our preferred package.
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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place-can anyone help me figure out how to change the symbols on a plot? You can click the symbol and change the shape and color but some of the symbols I want to change are BEHIND other symbols and I can't click on them. I still want the legend to match other legends for similar graphs, however. Isn't there a way to change the symbol size other than clicking on the point on the graph? Thanks!
Hi! In sigmaplot 13, I am trying to run one way ANOVA, comparison with the control group, it was possible in previous sigmaplot versions. can somebody help?
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