SigmaPlot 11 - How do I run needed tests?

Hi all! I'm sorry to re-post but I need an answer as quick as I can get it (no answer to previous one) and besides that, this might be the better forum for it.

I need to figure out what test and how to run it in SigmaPlot 11; I have the analysis conducted in SPSS.

Purpose: Are college students’ writing-goal orientations significant predictors of writing self-efficacy.

Mastery orientation
performance(Approach) orientation
and performance(Avoidance) orientation


Achievement Goals Scale. 14 self-reported items incorporating three subscales:

Mastery Goal Structure Scale
Performance Approach Goal Structure Scale
Performance Avoidance Goal Structure Scale

- All items are self-reported ratings of students’ writing goals for their most writing-intensive classes on a scale from 1 (does not describe me at all) to 5 (describes me perfectly).

Self-Efficacy for Writing Scale.

17 self-reported items that ask students to rate how confident they feel about perform specific writing skills.

Items on the scale reflected students’ confidence. Responses ranged on a scale from 1 (completely unconfident) to 5 (completely confident).


1) How do I, in Sigma Plot 11:
a)Using Writing Self-Efficacy as the criterion variable, test three models:
Model 1 Mastery scores as predictor
Model 2 add Performance Approach scores as 2nd predictor
Model 3 added add Performance Avoidance scores as 3rd predictor

b) Show that model 3 is the most useful and Avoidance is the most influential predictor.

c) The Change Statistics: What each model added above and beyond the previous model and the beta coefficients showing how much SE would go up and down in relation to each predictor if the others were held constant.

d) Get the Part and Partial Correlations. The SPSS output shows that in the 2nd model, approach is not a significant predictor of self efficacy, however, when avoidance is added, all three predictors become significant so this is likely an example of either a suppressor or mediator variable. How do I get this in SigmaPlot 11?

Thank you!!!!
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