[SigmaPlot] - Label Sympols - Macro Syntax Error

Hello all,

I am trying to graph some data on forest seed-insect parasitization in SigmaPlot, but am having trouble applying symbol labels. My vertical data are the number of a given species that emerged two years after harvest, divided by all parasitized seeds counted .. while my horizontal data are those that emerged one year after harvest, again divided by all parasitized seeds counted. My symbol labels I want to have specifying names of stands (from which seeds were harvested) followed by the the year of harvest. Whenever I try to apply the 'label symbols' macro, however, I get a syntax error .. referring me to the following line where, it says, the error occurs:

Set PlottedCurves = SPPage.GraphPages(0).CurrentPageObject(GPT_PLOT)

I am a little less than familiar with V.B.A. .. would anyone happen to know the problem?