SigmaPlot: Statistical Significance

Hey guys,
I'm trying to add statistical significance data to a graph I have already generated on SigmaPlot (vertical bar with error bars). I have already generated the p values which determine the significance, but cannot find a way to add them to the graph.
I was thinking adding data labels above each bar on the graph (using asterisks to denote significance) would be a simple way to do it, but cannot figure out something that should be so simple.
Does anyone know how to add data labels to this type of chart?

Software info:
SigmaPlot for Windows Version 11.0


TS Contributor
I seem to recall that you should be ble to plot the result of a given test from within the result page.
For example, if you perform a T-test, you go to the test result report a and right-click in the page; a little window should pop up allowing you to plot the test result. Maybe that, among the options, you could find barplot with error ranges.

I do not use sigmaplot from a while, so take my words with some grain of salt.