Significant difference between frequency of words in a text

Hi, I guess it is a very basic question. Imagine two text samples, e.g. one text on someone's mother and the other on father. Text about mother includes word love for 80 times (1% of all words) and bout father for 50 times (0.8% of all words). Can we establish if this difference is significant? Does significant difference and p-value apply to this example at all? If yes, how to calculate it?
Thank you for your time to read it end even more if you answer this question.


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Random questions: were two text generated from the same process (person asked to describe person in a thousand words), do you have the total number of words?

Perhaps a chi-square test may work after creating a 2x2 table. Row one mother text, row two father text, column one number of times love used, column two number of words that were not "love". So you would be comparing the proportion of its usages in the two texts.