significant differences between 2 groups


I have been trying to find out how I can most significantly analyse the differences between two groups in my survey (like male and female) on a range of about 32 questions that are all ordinal (Likert scale). I would like to find the best way to analyze the 32 questions and find out which of these have a significant difference between male and female.
I have been reading so much that I have become confused. Could I use Wilk's Lambda on the data, usually used for discriminant analysis? Kolmogorov-Smirnov maybe or even Chi-Square? Does anyone have an impupt on the best measure to use?

Thanks for your help guys.



TS Contributor
Actually, you could treat these as interval scales without much concern for messing up your analysis or conclusions.

At first, keep it simple and do a graphical comparison of the means of each gender for each question - the overall pattern of results, i.e. which questions tend to be higher for males or females, may prove interesting...

Maybe then follow up with t-tests on each question to see which, if any, of the graphical comparisons are statistically significant. The reason I suggest a t-test relates to my first paragraph, and the fact that I believe that the nonparametric tests will not be powerful enough to see any differences....

Finally, this may be a good candidate for MANOVA, which will tell you what linear combination of survey questions best discriminates between males and females.