Simple panel data regression tool for my particular analyis problem

I am not a specialist in econometric's or linear regression but I am an engineer with a reasonable grasp of mathematics. I need to conduct a linear regression which looks at both relative information content and for multiple independent variables and incremental content.

My data is currently in excel as panel data (300 companies x 15 years) for each dependent and independent variable and the panel data is balanced.

I have not quite got into the different techniques for FEM etc; but I have ruled out excel as being capable of helping me due to the complexity of the analysis I am trying to do.

I have little interest in becoming a big fan of a particular software application or spending lots of time getting to grips with a particular stats program.

I have looked around and my options appear to be R, GRETL, Eview, Minitab and I have access to Matlab at work.

Given the relative simplicity of what I am trying to do and the user friendly requirement; e.g. repeatable and easy to ensure that simple errors have not been made due to configuration issues that the beginner is unaware of.

I hope somebody can help before I launch myself on the path of using the least suitable tool.

Much Appreciated. Justin