Simple Probability Question

Hi. I have a simple probability question:

Not counting the greens, what are the odds of getting 19 of the same color in a row in roulette?

I'm assuming the answer would be 0.5 to the 19th power.

I tried to do this in Excel, but it would not calculate it.

I'm thinking the answer is something like 1 in 500,000?

Please let me know if this is close.

Thanks! You guys are awesome!


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What do you mean by the 'actual figure'? Like the actual fraction? For that you just need to figure out 2^19 = 524288 so the fraction is 1/524288 exactly.


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I'm an amateur but it's my sense that carrying three significant figures is probably accurate enough for most probability calcs.


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Ha. That's true, I got caught up in the actual calculation that I didn't really think about that stuff. Oh well. Plus it's not that much more difficult to find the probability when accounting for the greens so I don't really seem why we're ignoring them.