Simple question on calculating p-values

In a question that I am working on, I have to "report 10 p-values that I obtain" from a coin simulation. The question then goes on to ask that we "estimate the true p-value" and how far off that value may be from the true value. Could anyone clarify what is the difference between the "true p-value" and the 10 p-values that were specified earlier in the question? I am new to all this material and would very much appreciate any clarification on what I need to do. Thanks in advance.


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I don't know exactly what you're doing (mainly because you don't say). But I'm guessing since you're simulating you should know what the true parameters are and what not. If you know those then you should be able to figure out what the true probability is. So my guess is you're supposed to compare your p-values to the theoretical value.