simple SAS EG question: how to update data from "work" folder

I'm have access to SAS EG, but I still want to learn SAS coding syntax. I'm following along a SAS book using SAS EG and am having trouble to just pulling up a data set and modifying data .
The example code I'm trying to follow is this:
Data garden;
INPUT Zone = 14;
Type ='home';
(essentially just adding 2 more columns)
proc print data = garden;


I read that INFILE does not work on SAS EG, so I just used the import wizard to import it to my 'work' folder. From that point, what do I do?
I tried INFILE 'WORK.GARDEN.DAT'; but that did not work either. Every lesson in my book starts with INFILE so I really can't move forward with my practice
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Anything that you can run in SAS you can run in EG, you just have to use a code window. But it is inefficient to import with an infile statement in EG, the import function is really simple and you should use it always.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. If you are trying to create new variables you use the computed column function. The template is fairly straightforward, here I am creating a new variable and assigning it a value of another existing field [although you can assign any value you want to it].

/* Incost */
(t1.cost) AS Incost,