[SMARTPLS3] - Usage of the complete function


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I am trying to calculate my structural equation model with SmartPLS 3. The problem is that my sample size is too small and that´s the reason why it doesn´t run the SmartPLS but always states that there is a singular matrix problem. My advisor told me that there is a "c" function (the c should stand for complete) in SmartPLS 3 which one needs to activate and afterwards SmartPLS also calculates the SEM with smaller sample sizes. Does anyone have a clue how I may do this? I cannot find anything about this function.

Thank you for your help!

there is no such function in SmartPLS 3. But there is extensive help and documentation on what to to in this case. Just double click on the red error message in SmartPLS 3 to get more information and proposals on how to solve the problem.

Like this: