Smoothing algorithm for times series and slope measurement


I'm doing an experiment that gathers one data point approximately each second. I have plotted all the datapoints on a graph. The graph has many tops and bottoms. Now due to the fact that there are so many data points and that I can visualle tell that there are several overal trends: one period my data is going up, the next period it is level again for a period of time and the next period it can be down again. And in each of these periods the data can go up, down or level again, although the overal direction is up, down or level. I have searched for different smoothing methods that can follow all these small movements, but at the same time (using a second smoothing algorithm/parameter) can follow the overal movement. I was thinking about using splines or lowess. Are splines or lowess able to do this?

Second problem I'm having is, after having applied a smoothing algorithm, I need to be able to measure the slope of the smoothing line. I need to know what the slope/curvature of that smoothing line is at any giving moment in time. All the pointers you can give me are really welcome. Thanks.

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