Soccer betting probability, risk and odds question - help


Consider two different cases of soccer betting.

1) The first consists of 32 different sets of matches (each consisting of 5 matches with different odds of their own). Some of the individual matches (of 5 matches) in the sets can be the same with another set from time to time, but every single one of 32 sets (32 combinations) is different from each other (a unique set of 5 matches), meaning if one of them wins, the other 31 sets loses automatically.

Lets say one bets 10 dollar for each set, 320 dollars in total of 32 sets. The decimal odds of each set varies from 40 to 80, with an average of 60. So he is expecting to win 10x60=600 dollars on average from the set that wins.

In the end, he expects to get 600 dollars/320 dollars invested on total of 32 sets=1.875dollars per one dollar invested.

2) In the second case, there is only one match with a decimal odd of 1.875. He thinks of investing 320 dollars on this one match, again winning 600 dollars in return.

In both of the cases, the amount invested is the same (320 dollars) and the expected outcome is the same (600 dollars). Which one should he choose?

Does he have better probability of success with betting on 32 different sets, because he only needs only 1 of them to win out of 32 sets?

Or does he have absolutely the same probability of success with betting on one single match in the second case?