Software for Multibranched Decision Trees




i am looking for a statistics software, that can generate multibranched decision trees, meening decision trees with more than two branches per node. Typically decision trees are binomial. However, for instance generalized CHAID algorithms can be used to generate multibranched trees on interval (and rank) scaled data, which is sometimes referred to as ECHAID Algorithm.

The SAS Enterprise Miner includes multi branched trees. However, for the reasons of cost and the bad programming language, I do not want to use SAS.

Yes, SAS is too expensive, the programming language
is not well designed, and the user interface is ugly for
its price.

XLStat can do chaid and is far more affordable.
Why don't you try it? (I don't guarantee it will
be perfect)

(One thing I like about sas is its language is very
stable, unlike those of Microsoft. Microsoft products
are disgusting, you can't expect to use one piece of
your work forever, you need to keep upgrading.
They changed vb to and
no longer support vb.)
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It's a repository. But you don't really even need to know that much... they give you the code to install the package in the link you provided...


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I just wasn't sure if you could trust that specific depository because I know nothing of it. I know the CRAN packages and thus am willing to trust them as a legitimate source. It makes me nervous using packages from a group I know nothing about.