Hi! Do you know a management system that can detect and correct compliance events and has the ability to run multiple types of workflows? I just need coz I'm helping a friend to find one. Please help! Thanks!
In your case, I think your friend will be needing a corrective and preventive action software or CAPA. This will help with continuous improvement in all aspects of a business and this will give an assurance that issues are resolved. It is also applicable for various types of workflows.


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If you are interested in CAPA software, I recommend asking your question at and also at Both are quality discussion forums.
Hey guys, thanks for replying. They already got a CAPA software. Only it isn't a standalone software. It's included in the QMS software that they got so I'm thinking that it's probably much better. Most likely it has more tools.
You can try Axar's Compliance Management software. Compliance management software helps you to overcome the difficult task of managing the compliance requirements and the corresponding documentation. It also helps you to keep a track of the deadline for submissions. One of the most important features of compliance management software in India is that they keep the user updated about the latest rules and regulations as well as the changes to the existing rules that different governing authorities announce. It has helped me to overcome my difficulties.