some help please

Hi all
Can I get some help from you, I am a research student I developed questionnaire to get some information but after I get the results I am confused what is the best way to analyze this data
Briefly : my project about thing called (Agile Manufacturing ) I am try to develop a model to help the companies to be agile companies , agile manufacturing is divided to main four areas and each area has some attributes , by using the questionnaire I try to fined which of these areas this company are, or what is the nearest area to this company , and how I can help it to be agile in the right area , I asked about 76 question for the four areas : area1 =30 question , area2 =18, area 3=17 area 4 =11 question as you see here the no of question in each area are not the same , I tried to use the factor to make all the result get the same points (ex: area1 factor 30/30 =1 , area2 30/18 , area3 30/17 and area 4 30/11 )
Here some types of questions, all the questions are 1 to 5 scales (1=yes, positive, very rapid ……. Etc and 5 no, negative, very slow…..)
1. Is your company rapid in introducing new models to the market every year?(1-5)
2. Is your company rapid in changing production to introduce new models?(1-5)
3. Is the lead time of your product short, as from a concept to a sold product?(1-5)

Could you please help me how I can analyze these data with the right way
Thank you in advance