Some Hp PLease


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The Mean is 1262 and STD is 118

Determine the number of choclate chips in a bag of Chips Ahoy! That make up the middle 99%.

Okay, I got one of parts, I go to 2ND VARS invNorm put the area for .005, mean 1262 and STD 118 I get 958(Which is the answer)

The second part it is suppose to be 1536, same routine I go to invNorm, and plug in .99,1262,118, and it comes out 1536... The answer is suppose to be 1566, actually 987 to 1566...

We are really using our calculators and the prof actually prefers this then actually writing out the solution. Can I get a helping hand on this one, please?

NEVERMIND, I see what I did, second part was suppose to be invNorm(995.1262,118).