Someone please help me with these hypothesis testing questiong!!!

Hi Everyone,

I've got an extra credit for my statistic for social science/psychology, and I've barely hitting the mark to get a pass. So I was given extra credit questions. but I don't really know how to do them.
Hope someone could really help me on this!


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They didn't randomize which part of the brain they should stimulate first? That's a flawed design to me.


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No. You can still solve the problem. The flaw in the design is that if you do determine significance, you cannot tell whether the cause was due to the portion of the brain stimulated or whether it was due to repeated stimulation (independent of location).

What are your thoughts on the proper statistical test to use? We can provide guidance, but you must first demonstrate that you have made an effort. We will also not do your work for you.


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What is the baseline amount of food eaten by these rats? Dason is just pulling your tail. What tests are you covering in class that may be applicable?