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Firstly, I am grateful for any assistance. I am a novice who tries hard :yup:

I am trying to write up the results section for a report and have completed a paired t test and Cohen's d using pre and post data sets from same group: 35 students

I have completed the test and worked the math but am unsure of the statistical relevance - particularly if the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected on the basis of the p value... here is the analysis

Paired T for Baseline 2015 - Exit 2015
N Mean StDev SE Mean
Baseline 2015 35 19.51 7.37 1.25
Exit 2015 35 27.86 6.18 1.05
Difference 35 -8.34 6.66 1.13

95% CI for mean difference: (-10.63, -6.05)
T-Test of mean difference = 0 (vs ≠ 0): T-Value = -7.41 P-Value = 0.000

Would appreciate any feedback to make sense of what I have done
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The null hypothesis is that there is no difference (AKA, the difference = 0). Your difference is -8.34 (95% CI: -10.63, -6.05, which excludes "0"), so you can reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative that the two values are not equal. P-value < 0.001, so the program reported it 0.000, It is possible to determine what is was, but most prefer researchers to report: -8.34 (95% CI: -10.63, -6.05), which says the same thing and provides more information.