Sound and behavioural analysis during a time frame.

Dear all,

I am facing a problem with a series of data which I need to address statistical analysis and would be a bliss if you can help me out.
I work with mirror self-recognition and I am introducing a new way of interpreting results, because I have added vocalizations as one of the measurements during animal tests. Since that, it has been complicated to evalute everything together.

My test is divided in two test types: 1) Absence of a body painted mark; and 2) body painted mark. Both tests types are divided in three categories A (control - empty space), B (control - mirror sozed object), and C (offical - mirror). Each category has 3 trials of 30 minutes each.
So my data is presented as a series of behaviours that starts and ends during a specific time frame by each trial (HH:MM:SS), also regarding its duration.

What I am searching for, is a solution to measure the simultaneous behaviours and animal calls during each trial time frame, in each category. I want to answer what are the differences between vocalizations and behaviours during the tests. I am working with SPSS.

If you can, please feel free to answer to this post and you can also contact me anytime.

Many thanks
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