Spearman Rank Corellation Coefficient

Hello! Can you please tell my which answer is correct?
spearman coefficient is used to determine the connection between
a) 2 normally distributed non-numerical variables
b) a numerical and a non-numerical ordinal scaled variable
c) 2 binary variables
d) 2 non-numerical (one is ordinally scaled) variables (one does not know the distribution form)


TS Contributor
a) makes no sense, since the concept of normal distribution cannot be applied to non-numerical variables.
b) is correct
c) probably meant to be false (although there are opinions that it is possible, even though not very useful)
d) means categorical versus ordinal, which cannot be dealt with by Spearman's rho.
Can you please also tell me if the correct answer to the following question is d? :
If the relationship between two variables is linear and positive:
a) the constant has a positive value, greater than 3.5
b) the coefficient of variation has a negative value
c) spearman rank correlation coefficient has a negative value close to zero
d) the kendall rank correlation coefficient has a positive value