Spearmans Rank question

I am looking to test whether region (North / South) determines job satisfaction (graded 1 to 5).

I have created the following table. Job satisfaction is on the left with the frequency under north and south.

Can I use Spearmans Rank on this data to prove the question above or do I need to use Chi squared ?

----North South
1 --------5------- 5
2 -------11 -----11
3 -------15----- 14
4 --------5------- 3
5-------- 5 -------1

I have worked it though and the rank co-efficient comes out at 0.75 which would be strong positive correlation.

Any thoughts ?


New Member
I am a bit confused over the use of spearmans rank correlation here. I take it that you wish to see if there is a significant difference between North and South, not if there is a correlation between the ratings?