Splitting MathCad array. I'm sure it's easy!


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I have an array in MathCad say, defined kk.

kk is of the form [ a , b , ... , q , ... , z ] (not necessarily 26 items)

does anyone know a method of splitting this into an array say, defined A, where A is of the form [ a , b , ... , q ] split down from the original array?

I have already tried (this is quoted from the eng-tips forum)

"A := B[r,c

where r and c are row and column of array B. For a nested array, it is similar but with one or more additional r and c. The key also is selecting the entire expression before pressing "[".

but r must b an integer so i cannot use it for this purpose. (ie I tried to set r:= 0,..,n.

Any ideas guys? (and girls)




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oh ok I got it!

I just forgot to put the '[r' in A

i.e. A[r:=B[r

This selects the data I want but it outputs the array the SAME LENGTH as it was before but with the items out of the range are replaced by zeroes.

How do I just cut these out?