Spring courses advice...


No cake for spunky
Be careful about taking them on line if you want to count for your degree (and not just to learn). You have to be sure they are acredited in a way your university accepts. And usually there are very limited number of courses (say 2 or 3) that a program will allow you to transfer into a granduate program even if properly accredited.
Well these are both dual listed undergraduate-graduate courses. I have time to take them or I can do research with professors or learn R or other subjects that may better prepare me for my first year of grad school. I will be taking RA 2 at the undergrad level and Math Stats 2 at the undergrad level already. I prefer not to pay extra if I can pick the courses up on my own but also want to learn as much as possible that is relevant. Thanks so much for everyones advice/help! Any further advice is much welcomed.


No cake for spunky
As you go through the doctoral program (assuming you want to be a professor) think about what your goal is. There are limited number of openings, that is professorships, far fewer than there are doctoral students. You need to pay attention to what is going to get you one of those rare professorships. While papers may help other factors can be more important notably making contact (networking) with the people who will be hiring, learning a specific skill set that is in demand or a topic area etc. With a limited number of openings being in an area that universities are looking for and having people remember your name helps a lot. So to wil publications; if you can work with a member of your comittee on a paper you should. Go to conferences whenever you can and present.

Again this is from painful experiences in my own doctoral degree. People get out of a very intensive process and then they find there are no positions, something I think no one imagines in a program. It might be different in statistics of course, there may be so few graduates that all can get a position. But I doubt it.
I'm operating under the assumption I won't get one of those positions so as not to be disappointed. I have no idea how education and salaries of college prof's are not in a bubble, especially in the business's schools.

Thanks everyone for all the advice! I love the forum and the people helping out here.
NW has online courses? Thanks for the post above.......I am fine with taking the course at school my main issue was time....I want to learn as much math as possible but am trying to be as efficient as possible for my PhD. Also I wasn't aware of upper level math courses online, stats yes, not math. Am I missing them? Thanks halfnormal.

noetsi: i wasn't implying anything shady. schools like colorado state, texas a & m, penn state, northwestern, etc are accredited and some are even "ranked" statistics programs.