SPSS 18: filtering a pivot table


TS Contributor
Hi All,
I have built a pivot table with a cross tabulation of two variables.

The table is something like this:

age class A age class B age class C and so on
vehicle A
vehicle B
vehicle C
and so on

I would like to apply a filter so that some class would not be displayed: e.g., I would temporarily remove from display vehicle B and age class B.

I do not manage to find the option.

Suggestions are welcome.



TS Contributor
thanks for your reply.

I thought that if even Excel can filter a pivot table, SPSS could do this as well!!
I believe that, if filtering is possible, it would be a more flexible approach than questioning the original entries.

I feel like I manage to filter in the way I described in my previous post, but I do not manage to do it again or to recall how I did :-(