SPSS analysis


I am investigating the effect of brand personality on brand loyalty.

I want to know if certain brand personality traits are more effective at creating brand loyalty than others.

I identified 5 main personality traits. Each trait is made up of a number of facets. For example the trait “competence” is made up of intelligence, reliability and successfulness.

For each facet I ask participants to rate on a 5 point likert scale how much they agreed that the brand portrayed the facet.

I now have three different answers (as participants rated the 3 facets) to tell me how much participants think the brand portrays the trait competence.

Participants also responded to 5 point likert scales to access their brand loyalty.

I have input all my data in SPSS but I do not know how to analyse it to tell me which of my 5 personality traits is most associated with brand loyalty.

I am a complete newbie with SPSS, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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First, you could examine the correlations for brand loyalty and each personality trait (is this the correct term to use? for example, is intelligence a personality trait? can brands even have "personalities"?).

It sounds like you would want to use multiple regression. Run a regression and include a few control variables (what are the standard variables out there that predict brand loyalty?). That should give you a decently accurate estimate.
you can use selection model (backward or foreward) to run regression to know the best model. But, what type of your data (rasio, interval, ordinal, or nominal)? if your data is nominal or ordinal , use logistic regression