SPSS and tests


I'm new to SPSS and statistics in general and have the following problem:

Given only one set of data which is the difference between two quizes, how can I see if there has been any progress in learning? My classmates want to take an Independant T-test grouped by gender, but this does not seem very logical to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The t-test your classmates suggest would tell you if there was a difference in the amount of data learned by males and females. To see if any learning has occurred you should do a one sample t test with the test value as 0. (you want to see if any learning occurred and if no learning occurred then the difference would be zero, so a positive difference bigger than zero would indicate learning). However, this is not really a smart way to test your data. If you can get your hands on both of the pre and post test scores then do a paired sample t-test.