SPSS Coding question

Hi everyone,
I'm a bit rusty with SPSS so I have a general question about recoding. I'd like to change yes=1, 2=no, and 3=don't know into 0=no, 1=don't know and 2= yes.
How do I go about (1) changing the order of the original data, and (2) recoding the data to reflect the right order (namely, the changing of place of no and don't know).



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Hi finderquest,

This is what you do. In SPSS menu bar, go to transform, and recode into the different variable (this option creates new sets of the questions with the new coding without messing up the first set). drag across all the items that need recoding from the left box to the main right box using the arrow. You have to select each and gave a new name in the right side of the table, and click 'change' everytime until you finish re-naming each one. Then click the 'Old/New' values tab, on the top left you specify the old value, then on the right you specify the new value, click add so it registers in the below box, and continue on until you have done.

It would look like this:
1 2
2 0
3 1

Remember, 1 = yes will be new value 2; 2 = no will be new value 0; 3 = don't know will be new value 1. So you click continue, and then ok. New variables are created at the bottom of the list in the variable view. You have to manually code them now: 0=no, 1=don't know and 2= yes. Now you can check in the data view, and you will see that are there.

If you use the transform, recode in the same variable option, you will not have to give new names, just drag over the variables in right box, and go the old/new values tab...but the original data are changed. This option is much easier (i.e. less work).