SPSS: Comparing Continuous Variable of Unequal Size Groups (in graphs)


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An advance thanks to all of you for helping out!

I am trying to plot a continuous variable (Income) against cumulative percentages (of number of households) to study what % of households have a particular income level. A basic line graph does this well. And the result is a kind of S graph.

However, the next step is to compare this relationship for different geographical areas, SEC classes etc. So I chose a multiple line graph, but since the size for each province would be different, on the y-axis they end at different levels (at the % of total population relevant to them).

Problem: how can Province A and Province B shown on the same graph if y-axis has cumulative percentages?

I hope I have been able to define my problem accurately. Please ask if you may have a solution but I haven't been clear enough!

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Oops, did I? I'm sorry, this is my first post on the forum I must have pressed something without realizing! Where do you see the 5 stars?
Also, would you be kind enough to help me with the query? Thanks!
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Hi. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this in SPSS. But if anyone's reading, i thought i'd let you know that it can be done through Scatter Plots in Excel. Good luck!