SPSS for Windows General Loglinear Analysis

Hi all,

I'm new to this site. I have a question that is so basic I'm embarrassed to ask it here: I am attempting to use loglinear analysis in SPSS for Windows to analyze sequential data from an observational study I am conducting. My problem is: I am having trouble setting up my data in the data editor, so that they will run in the loglinear program. Here are the details: I have a categorical independent variable--amount of help a child requires prior to teacher intervention (much, some, none). I want to test the probability of certain teacher responses (direct, indirect, or observe) following each of these child behaviors. I am trying to conduct a lag sequential analysis using loglinear analysis.

My problem: I cannot (or don't know how to) prepare my data so it may be entered into the loglinear program in SPSS for Windows 14.0. I have made several attempts: I have set up the child variable as a categorical variable (much, some, none), then set up a teacher response variable that is continuous and includes the frequencies of responses to each of the child categories. When I try to run the program, it does not show the nominal variable at all--only the continues variable, teacher response. I have tried entering my case-by-case observations, both as nominal variables, with the thought that the loglinear program would convert the data to frequencies, construct contingency tables, and then compute desired probabilities, determine significance, etc. Nope. When I do this, the window shows no variables (and there is a message saying the variables--both nominal--are not appropriate for this procedure).

Sorry to go on and on, but my main question is: Does anyone know how to set up a loglinear analysis in SPSS for Windows that might be willing to help me?



it is simple but you should know that you should give weight to frequency column and if i understood true you have two variables , one frequency another is nominal variable so in loglinear / General in factor you should enter nominal variable and then click ok
you can study this book : SPSS for windows Made Simple Release 1
its good book in use of SPSS with every version.
i hope you will be succeed

Thank you for responding. I have ordered the book you recommend. Also, I checked to make sure I've weighted my frequency variable, as you suggest. I am still having problems, however. As I mentioned, when I click on genearal loglinear, I get a screen that lists out my variables in a box on the left. But only my one continuous variable (frequency) is listed. The nominal variable is not. When I run any other program with this same set of data--crosstabs, even general linear analysis--all variables appear in this variables box. But in loglinear they do not. If you have any other thoughts on this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. I will also be looking carefully at the book you recommend when it arrives.