SPSS help!! please :)


Im writing my dissertation on the Key intrinsic motivations of a 12/13 year old boy to participate in after school clubs!

My questionnaire contained:

nominal data for the basic info such as age, club attending etc

Where i'm stick with SPSS is for the second part of the questionnaire:

I have a Likert 5 scale for 12 questions,

there are 3 key types of intrinsic motivation so their are 4 of each.

I have entered all the data to SPSS, but i'm not sure which tests to do?

I was thinking of doing the Kruskal Wallice test (to see if there's a significant difference) and then the Whintey U test of all the sports clubs against one another to find the significant difference and the mean value to back it up?

I attached a picture of the Variable view of spss if it helps?

Thank you so much in advance, im so stuck!!! :(