SPSS- How to do AUC/ROC analyses? Help

Dear all,

Would be grateful for any help/pointers.

I've spent the weekend trying to work out how to do area under the curve (ROC) analyses in spss 18. I've done it a couple of years ago but just can't recall how to input the data and where to find the requisite commands! I have the memory of a goldfish- am now getting very stressed and frustrated!

It is a within subjects design looking a change over time compared with a gold standard (scores on a psychometric measure). My data currenly is in form of participants down the left hand side of the database, and their scores to individual questions and variables across the top.

I think I know where I'm going but have completey forgotten the how to?

I really need a step by step guide- could anyone help or point me towards any link?

Many thanks