SPSS Linear regression with data clusters


I'm trying to do a linear regression in SPSS where the data is clustered. I have n = 58 with 7 different measurement variables. One of those variables is a measurement, the other six are an observation (yes/no). I can run the linear regression just fine, however, I need to account for the fact that the 58 measurements are actually done on 29 people (left and right feet). Therefore, the variance within subjects is less than the variance between subjects, so I need to adjust for the 29 clusters. I know the line of code in STATA, but I cannot how to figure it out in SPSS.


. regress ai, st, ah, fhb, pl, sl, lpl, vce (cluster people)

Linear Regression

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to do something very similar with SPSS but also can't figure out how to cluster. Did you ever find out? Or find out even if it was possible?