SPSS -Multinomial Logistic Regression


I am desperate for some help! I am currently completing a psych thesis and have been told that for part of my analysis i need to run the above logistic regression. I have done this but have no idea how to interpret it. Is there anyone out there who could possibly help if i send through the output. I am currently living in a VERY remote are and there seems to be nobody who can help. Any suggestions or assistance would be wonderful!

I can probably help...some general notes - like any regression, you're looking for an R-squared for overall fit/significance, and B's for effect of various variables. For any variables that are factors, the B will tell you which level of this variable has a significant effect compared to (likely) the first level. Eg. if a factor is race, you (or the program) might set whites as the 'control' (I'm not using the right terminology here, but it's not coming to me...), and thus your B's for other races will tell you if there's a larger or smaller effect for African Americans or Hispanics than for whites. If that doesn't help enough, write again and I'll send you my email.