SPSS Multiple Variables

I’m using SPSS for the first time since my undergrad - where I used it VERY briefly. I’m currently doing a MSc and used a mixed methods approach which included an online survey hosted on JISC.
I’m doing very simple analyse but I’m still stuck.
Basically, I asked a question where participants could select several different answers and when I downloaded the data each option was presented as it’s own question with a 1 or 0 (so either 0 they didn't select that option or 1 they did). So I can tell from the data how many picked ‘Option 1’ on a count.
What I want to do is create a graph where all the options (about 7 of them) are along the X axis and percent is along the Y axis. I have tried many different methods and managed to create graphs with more simple data but this has me stumped! So 70% selected option 1, 24% option 2 etc etc.
I looked around for tutorials but nothing seemed to work. The only way I could even get the data onto a graph was by changing it to 'Scale' and dragging it onto the Y axis and that didn't do anything useful.