SPSS segmentation

I have been pulling my hair for a few days nor and I am sure this can be done but I dont know how...

I have dataset of over 50,000 which looks like

UniqueID, Descriptortype1, Descriptortype2 ,Descriptortype3, Descriptortype4, Descriptortype5

Descriptortype1 has over 35 different types,
Descriptortype2 has 5 diff types,
Descriptortype3 as 2 diff types , Descriptortype4 has 8 diff types, Descriptortype5 had 10 diff types.

I want to segment the complete set into max 250 groups with criteria that the largest group shoud not be more than say .. 750 unique IDs
and smallest 50 and

the groups should be split in the order of Descriptortype1 to 5.

Let me know if it is not clear, I can send a sample dataset.

Many thanks