SPSS - significance of predictor when controlling for other predictors

Hi, I need some help with multiple regression interpretation.

I have 7 predictors entered into my model (income, age, gender, status, intelligence, wordscore, memscore) and another entered step of my 4 dummy variables, derived from a categorical variable (religion).

I have done the basic interpretation of model fit, looked at the coefficients and significance of each predictor.

But.. I want to know what the significance of one of my predictors is (intelligence), but only when controlling for another one of my predictors, status. With all of my variables in the model, how do I derive this information?

Thank you in advance.


TS Contributor
The t-test for that coefficient can answer that question, but it will account for all other variables in the model beyond status. If you only want to account for status, then fit a model with only intelligence and status. Just keep in mind this may be inappropriate and may lead to invalid inferences if you've omitted truly important variables from the model.