SPSS simple help

Hello ,

I am glad I have found this website.

I am a student at the University . I have a small question regarding SPSS statistics. I am not in any way in deep statistics and the only thing I need help from you is the name of the statistics that could be used.

For example '' one-tail , within-subjects t-test'' or '' one-tail between subjects t-test and anova''. ''pearsons correlation''

I have 5 columns (1)subject number , (2)Physical activity on admission, (3)BDI depression score on admission, (4)BDI on leaving and (5) Length of stay in days.
The question What statistical analysis would I used to see if any of these relationships are statistically significant?

I assume pearsons ....can you please give me an answer with a complete glossary?


(more questions later hehe :)