SPSS Syntax and Date in File Name

Hello Everyone - this may be a simple question, but I am struggling to find the answer. I have a syntax file that I inport a file from Excel, do some manipulations and then save the file. I am trying to save the file with the current date as part of the name. Here are my issues: when i have
SAVE OUTFILE='h:\file name.sav'. It works fine. I also have a macro with the common path because I do this several times, so when I have SAVE OUTFILE=!Path1+"name.sav". It works fine. So I thought I was smart and have a macro for todays date. However, if I have SAVE OUTFILE='h:name'+!date+'.sav'. Where !date calls for todays date. The system keeps giving me errors about the + signs. Does anyone know how to connect these without plus signs? It doesn't seem to mind the plus sign in the second example above. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. The problem was not with the "+" signs but with how I was defining my macro. It all works now. Thanks anyway.