SPSS: The Independent Samples table is not produced.

Hi everyone,

I am desperately trying to get my head around the reason why I cannot run an Independent t-test using for the variables "Height" and "Gender". Every time I get a warning message saying "The Independent Samples table is not produced". Please find attached various print screens of the steps I follow.

Thanks in advance!
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I don't use SPSS so this is probably way off base. The error says that at least one of the groups is empty but looking at your data that isn't true. However when you define the grouping variable it uses '1' and '2' instead of 'Male' and 'Female'. Could that be part of the issue? Or does SPSS do implicit conversion to numeric group indicators?
Hi Dason,

Thanks for you quick response.

Unfortunately that isn't the issue. Gender is defined as '1' and '2' as it is shown on my third print screen because SPSS won't let me hit the OK button to run the test otherwise.

I am still trying to figure out what is wrong as I have a statistics test in a week time and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help.

Thanks a lot!
Your Gender variable is a string variable. It wants you to enter Female and Male in the groupings definition, not 1 and 2. (Also, it doesn't look like you've actually assigned any alternate values, like 1 and 2, to that particular variable. Your screenshot says there aren't any values assigned except for Month.)