SPSS - Transforming data for multiple response questions

Hey everyone!

Did a search in the forum but couldn't find a thread that has the same issue as me. I found similar issues, but not the same.

I have a dataset where users were able to choose more than one option when answering certain questions. In this dataset, the column that contains the answers has them all grouped in a single field, and each selected item is separated by colons. For example, let's assume the question is "which fruits do you like" and options are "bananas", "apples", "grapes", "oranges" and "watermelons", cases contain this (in a single comun that represent the fruits question):

I know one way would be to transform the whole dataset and set a global question and for each option a yes/no value, but I'm trying to avoid transforming the dataset. How can I process this in SPSS? I'm using SPSS 25 by the way, if it helps.

Thanks a lot!
I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to transform the dataset. Save your original dataset as original and create a copy used for creating the other variables. I'm not sure how to do what you are asking for without changing your dataset and creating new variables. You are asking for it to be done in your system's memory..."I think..."