Standard scores

I am new to statistics, so I probably have a silly question. We have been talking about this for a couple of days, but I am not able to finish the homework:

Here is a sample: Which is higher a standard score of 90 or scale score of 9? A score that is 1.33 deviations above the mean or a scale score of 7.

How can I do these problems if I don't know what type of standard score it is (i.e. z score or t score) or what type of scale score it is.

Other samples:

What percentage of scores fall above a scale score of 13?

Fall between a scale score of 8 and standard score of 110?


I read the the forum policies, and it is all right if I am not given the exact answers, just some help in the right direction
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Hi downtown.

Good question. I think that you can assume that the questioner is talking about normal descriptive measures...

Since this is the "homework help" section, and I don't really know the answer anyway, let's do it this way. What portion of the textbook/lecture/whatever are these questions from? Some context could help us to assist you in figuring out how you can answer your questions.