[Stata] Storing results from reg command

I ran a multivariate regression, and I want to save the 95% Conf. Interval of a certain explanatory variable for future use.

It seems the saved results from 'reg' command don't include anything about conf. interval. Is there any way to do this?



Saved results

regress saves the following in e():

e(N) number of observations
e(mss) model sum of squares
e(df_m) model degrees of freedom
e(rss) residual sum of squares
e(df_r) residual degrees of freedom
e(r2) R-squared
e(r2_a) adjusted R-squared
e(F) F statistic
e(rmse) root mean squared error
e(ll) log likelihood under additional assumption of i.i.d. normal errors
e(ll_0) log likelihood, constant-only model
e(N_clust) number of clusters

e(cmd) regress
e(cmdline) command as typed
e(depvar) name of dependent variable
e(model) ols or iv
e(wtype) weight type
e(wexp) weight expression
e(title) title in estimation output when vce() is not ols
e(clustvar) name of cluster variable
e(vce) vcetype specified in vce()
e(vcetype) title used to label Std. Err.
e(properties) b V
e(estat_cmd) program used to implement estat
e(predict) program used to implement predict

e(b) coefficient vector
e(V) variance-covariance matrix of the estimators

e(sample) marks estimation sample
Hi grcosmos

To save the 95% IC for x, you should use _b and _se. For instance you can generate the following variables

gen inf = _b[x] - 1.96*_se[x]
gen sup = _b[x] + 1.96*_se[x]

Hope this helps !